About Our Family Business:


Majestik Kulture, a unique, family-owned mobile business, has been created to provide and educate our clients about the wonderful use of crystals!

How can you benefit from the powerful energy of crystals? My husband and I will teach you. It is our passion!

We are Kiki and Dre, the founders of Majestik Kulture. When Dre completed his 11-year commitment to the US Marine Corps, we decided to open up a business to offer quality gemstone products.

We have three inspirational and creative children who help make some of our items! You may even meet our two oldest daughters, both who enjoy attending craft markets with us! Together we are growing our business while we enjoy the adventure of traveling! 

You may purchase our crystals, gemstones, accessories, and handmade jewelry online, in stores and at craft markets. We can also guide you as to how to use, wear, hold and share their energy! 

Each piece is unique, special and designed to make you feel Majestik!

We invite you to sign-up for our emails, visit our booth at a local event or book us for a private showing.

Namaste - Kiki & Dre