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Majestik Kulture

Deathly Hallows Inspired Sun Catcher - Red

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Place these sun-catchers in your Window and create little rainbows all over your room!

Every sun-catcher is created with little prisms and authentic crystals.

When bright sunlight hits this prism, it transforms the light into beautiful rainbows.
Let the sunshine in and color your world!

It is ideal to hang by the window in any room.

Perfect as a gift!


Deathly Hallows is a symbol used in the Harry Potter series that represents: Circle - Resurrection Stone, Line - Elder Wand & Triangle - Cloak of Invisibility. We then added either a Red, Green, Blue or Yellow crystal to represent the 4 different Hogwarts Houses. Each house represents one of the 4 Elements. Red (Gryffindor) represents the “Plasma (Fire) Element”. 

Red Agate

Emotional Warmth • Sociability • Creativity • Individuality • Memory • Appreciation of Nature • Harmony • Courage • Happiness • Self-esteem • Rebirth • Passion • Motivation • Drive • Concentration 

Chakra - Root • Sacral • Solar Plexus


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